We've got your back. Having decades of project experience, we take data security and privacy very seriously.

Project Templates

Don't start from scratch. Two built-in industry profiles are included with detailed project specifications.

Data Resources

Data, data everywhere. We have expert guidance and can point you to resources to give you the inside track.

Cloud Storage

No more messy client spreadsheets. Store all your site data in your own secure database.

Data Import

One by one is for the birds. Collect and upload your site information using our excel template.

Powerful Analytics

Make sense of a wealth of information. Transform your data into insightful analytics to share with others.

Data Visualization

Up your visual game. Create powerful graphs, reports and dashboards with the touch of a button.

Scenario Modeling

Evaluate and re-evaluate sites based on different scenarios by changing criteria weights to produce new scores.


Compare countries, states, cities, sites, and/or buildings in order to help you determine the right fit for your new operation.

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