Equip Your Team to Reach Common Ground

Site Shepherd is an analytic platform to help you screen, score, financially assess, and deliver location recommendations.

The Benchmarking Capabilities are Endless


Countries, Regions, States, Provinces, MSAs, Counties


Greenfields, Brownfields, For Sale, For Rent, Etc.


Manufacturing Facilities, Industrial Buildings, Etc.

Site Selection for All

Where to? If that's a question you need an answer to - we're here to help you with the shortlist. With Site Shepherd, your questions are answered and backed up by data-driven analytics.

Corporate Decision Makers

Take bias out of the boardroom.  Site Shepherd will help your team strategically mine a multitude of data and pinpoint the location for your company’s next site.

Site Consultants

No more messy spreadsheets and visualization building. Site Shepherd will make your world easier and better showcase to your clients the process.

Real Estate Developers

Let us help you pinpoint precisely where your client’s next move should be. Enhance your real estate offerings by presenting your clients with the insights they need to make intelligent location decisions.

Proud Site Selection Tech Ally

Enrich your site selection journey with leading third-party data providers. Available applications include data collection, location benchmarking, workforce data, site database, due diligence, incentives compliance, and more.